Strong together

SGVCfemmes is a special area for female members of the SGVC: here you can exchange information and manage your network. We meet on average six times per year in a relaxed atmosphere. If you are a student, we will support you in finding a suitable work placement. As a newcomer to the profession, you can benefit from our partnerships with a large number of companies and institutions. And as an employee, thanks to the SGVC, you can easily keep up with your contacts, meet new colleagues and exchange your knowledge.

We are linked to other female associations – SVIN, femdat, dib, fib – and will intensify our collaboration with the latter. You can also attend the events run by these associations or help to organise them. In addition, we are planning to build up a virtual network on a suitable social media platform.

Why is SGVCfemmes necessary? There are still far fewer female process and chemical engineers than male ones. The networks of female natural scientists are still in their infancy. We therefore want to strengthen the position of women in particular with SGVCfemmes: their potential is the future of our profession – in particular against the background that in general employees are very sought-after in our professional field. Our specialist area is interesting and varied, the working conditions are attractive and the salaries are good. Anyone who trains specifically in this field, has the best opportunities of obtaining an attractive job in a Swiss or international company, can be promoted to managerial positions and spend time abroad. Part-time jobs to combine a career and family are increasingly being offered.