Specialist technical groups

Accumulated knowledge

The specialist technical groups form the core of Swiss Process and Chemical Engineers: knowledge and skills, know-how and innovative ideas are accumulated here. They flow into events, further training and education and projects for the benefit of the members and the entire association.

Specialist technical group for plant construction

The specialist technical group wants to ensure that plant construction is carried out as cost-effectively as possible for the chemical and pharmaceutical industry and satisfies the latest requirements with regard to manufacturing and the environment. It therefore promotes:

  • Exchanges of experience within the industry
  • Integral project management and system-integrating plant construction through the appropriate training in schools and further education
  • Personal development into interdisciplinary teamwork
  • Awareness of the social, economic and ecological responsibility of the plant constructor
  • Identification of changes in the local and global environment and the latter’s effects on plant construction
  • Notification of the latest technical and statutory changes.

Group leader

Nicolas Aellen


Specialist technical group for training and education

  • The specialist technical group promotes contact between speakers in process technology, chemical engineering technology and bio-processing technology in Switzerland and abroad.
  • It is a discussion forum for adjustments and changes to courses, which become necessary following reforms and general standardisations.
  • It promotes the exchange of information between universities and industry to identify the relevant requirements at an early stage.
  • It promotes relevant careers to students.

Group leader

Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Riedl

Institut für Chemie und Bioanalytik

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz
Hochschule für Life Sciences, Muttenz

Specialist technical group for automation

  • The specialist technical group provides specialist knowledge in further education courses and seminars and arranges visits to new installations.
  • It offers a platform for exchanges of experiences regarding systems and components and promotes networking among automation specialists.
  • It compiles resources, specialist literature, rules and standards.

Group leader

Andreas Langer

CTE Engineering,

Specialist technical group for biotechnology

  • The specialist technical group promotes the next generation in biotechnological research.
  • It exchanges information about projects and the latest research results.
  • It promotes networks and contacts between specialist fields of interest to biotechnologists and engineers.
  • It organises workshops, lectures and site inspections.

Group leaders

Dr. François Matthey

Pharmatronic AG

Specialist technical group for energy

The specialist technical group deals with current, important topics regarding energy efficiency.

  • Technological developments are presented and discussed.
  • Know-how and practical exchanges of experience are necessary for sustainable development in the energy sector, which is to be facilitated by the specialist technical group.
  • The energy industry is also undergoing change as a result of the political framework conditions. There is also room for such topics at seminars and events run by the specialist technical group.

Group leaders

Franziska Morganti

Basler & Hofmann AG

Specialist technical group for reaction technology

  • The specialist technical group promotes chemical reaction technology in practice.
  • It exchanges details about the latest research results and new technologies.
  • It promotes networking among reaction technology specialists.
  • It organises international seminars and conferences.

Group leader

Christophe Allemann

Specialist technical group for process technology

  • The group provides the latest specialist knowledge in workshops and presentations to its members who are working or studying.
  • It analyses new procedures and systems in close collaboration with universities of applied sciences and other research institutes. The focus is on heat/chemical and impulse exchange, chemical conversion and thermal and mechanical unit operations. It notifies interested members and other groups of findings from these procedures.

Group leader

Levente Simon

DSM firmenich