SGVC / GSIA Seminar “Compendial Water”

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SGVC / GSIA Seminar “Compendial Water”


  3. September 2020
  TTC, c/o Glatt, Werner-Glatt-Strasse 1 in 79589 D-Binzen

SGVC and GSIA are organizing a seminar with the focus on compendial Water from drinking water to ultrapure water: new design aspects und monitoring".
For GSIA and SGVC-members the participation fee is SFr. 250.-- (non-members SFr. 350.--). This seminar is also available as a webinar (participation fee SFr. 150.--). If you would like to participate pls send a mail to
Details resp. Flyer can be downloaded.


Pitfalls in audits and inspections of pharmaceutical water systems  (Size: 560.66 KB)


METTLER TOLEDO 7000RMS Compendial Water 2020  (Size: 1.21 MB)


Compendial Water Event METTLER TOLEDO Leverage Analytics Expertise EN  (Size: 2.92 MB)


Pharmatronic 20200903 Mabritec Ludin small  (Size: 3.14 MB)


Revamping Water Systems in Regulated Industries Presentation E V0 Version.pdf  (Size: 3.18 MB)


Final Invitation Pharma Water SGVC GSIA KW35  (Size: 568.71 KB)


BWT SGVC 03.2020.pdf  (Size: 3.16 MB)


logfile 42 ema qa wfi 1  (Size: 208.12 KB)


ISO 22519 An Unnecessary Faulty And Confusing Standard  (Size: 570.70 KB)


PDA Article  (Size: 1.06 MB)


TOUR Critical Utilies V0.pdf  (Size: 1,009.00 KB)


Pharmatronic 20200903 Mabritec Ludin  (Size: 2.82 MB)


20200826 Presentation Shlomo Sackstein  (Size: 3.39 MB)


20200826 Presentation Helmut Sommer  (Size: 2.39 MB)


Flyer Compendial Water E  (Size: 1.48 MB)