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Active support – today for tomorrow

Dear school-leavers, future students, graduates, newcomers to the profession: the SGVC would like to support you as much as it can to help you move forward in your career and always find out more about the fascinating world of process and chemical engineering technology. Use our association to find out important information and meet the right people. We can offer you the following specific support:


Our events are a single major networking service: this is where lecturers and practitioners, old hands and young researchers, the department manager from the local pharmaceutical company and the reaction technology specialist, who has just come back from a period abroad, all meet up. In a relaxed atmosphere you can all ask the questions on the tips of your tongues and make important contacts for your entry into the profession.

Next generation days at ETH Zurich

Have you been longing to see the inside of the institutes for process technology and chemical engineering at ETH Zurich? And even do some practical work on laboratory and experimental equipment? This is all possible at the so-called next generation days! They are directed at school-leavers and prospective high school graduates and are organised by us together with the ETHZ.

More information and registration at:

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Tel: +41 61 361 3171
Mob: +41 79 427 3922

Selecting a subject and courses

University or university of applied sciences? Is a Master’s qualification needed after a Bachelor degree? What specialisations are there and where? How practically relevant are the courses? We will give you an overview of the range of educational courses in Switzerland with direct links.

Practical work experience and starting a career

We will actively help you to find practical work experience in line with your interests and skills. About forty companies are members of our association and would be delighted to find motivated young people. Our members can be very helpful when you enter the profession and during the later stages of your career. Many threads come together in the Managing Board. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Further training

Our range of specialist further education is broad and is also directed at young people. This will enable you to get a taste of unknown areas or specialise in a specific field.

Innovation prize

Is your degree dissertation so good that it might deserve to be awarded our annual innovation prize? In this case, it’s best to speak to your professor; he can contact us.