SGVC – Tagesseminar – Pumpen in der Verfahrenstechnik


SGVC – Tagesseminar – Pumpen in der Verfahrenstechnik


  5. Dezember 2018
  Restaurant Aarhof, Olten

Pumps are used in a wide range of chemical processes at microscale or tone scale. Often neglected by chemist, pumps are key elements in process engineering either for dosing or for transferring solutions or slurries. Indeed, they influence yield, selectivity, throughput, and safety among others. Thus, choosing the right pump is critical, as well as a proper use and correct maintenance. The goal of this symposium is to provide pumps fundamentals to non-specialists, guidelines to pump selection, and share experience on proper use installation and maintenance of pumps.
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SPA Pump Syposium Olten  (Grösse: 1.44 MB)


1 2018 12 Pump setup in the system & cavitation  (Grösse: 1.23 MB)


1 2018 12 Pump basics  (Grösse: 1.96 MB)


1 2018 12 Basics of positive displacement pumps  (Grösse: 1.84 MB)


6 SGVC Olten Small amount Evolution mikro Freissler Jedele 2018 11 EN ohne Film  (Grösse: 3.84 MB)


4 2018 12 PumpPro  (Grösse: 971.08 KB)


3 Pumps Enabling Flow Chemistry Olten  (Grösse: 1.45 MB)


2 Maintenance and reliability of centrifugal pumps  (Grösse: 1.69 MB)


1 2018 12 Sealing systems  (Grösse: 4.16 MB)


Programm Chr. Allemann v2  (Grösse: 583.90 KB)